Transforming lives through learning and quality education Friday, January 26, 2024

Transforming lives through learning

They say it’s not what you do but how you do it. Survey results from the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) are in, and we’re pleased to see our dedication and experience reflected once again. These results show that Catalyst training organisations stand out when it comes to delivering ideal outcomes and quality education for learners in aged care and early childhood education and care.

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Our commitment to quality education and training

It’s important that we continue to provide vocational education and training of the highest quality. This not only means designing our courses in conversation with industry leaders, growth and shifting expectations, but ensuring our learners have all the supports they need to unlock their full potential.

Catalyst’s Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) Selmar and Practical Outcomes are doing exceptionally well on this front, with an exceptional 93.1% and 94.2% of learners reporting they were satisfied with the quality training these respective organisations provided overall.

Prioritising standout support

Our commitment to comprehensive learner support is a huge factor in positive results like these. Whether our learners are entering the sector for the first time, upskilling or interested in career progression, success is achievable with comprehensive suite of tailored individual supports.

There’s nothing we won’t do to ensure every individual learner has a fulfilling experience, and our students seem to agree – well over 86% said they would recommend a Catalyst organisation as their training provider.

Advantages of our human centred approach

Our human focused approach to learning is one of the key pillars which makes Catalyst stand out. Emphasising humanity, dignity, community and adaptive skills in everything we do means that we’re providing education that makes a difference.

We’re particularly interested in the results of surveys because we see them as opportunities for us to listen to what our learners have to say. And happily, what they’re saying is positive.

You’ll see that around 90% of our learners gained meaningful employment after training with us, which goes to show that Catalyst is at the forefront when it comes to preparing individuals for rewarding careers in aged care and early childhood and care.

Connecting with the sector

With much discussion in the media lately about workforce shortages in aged care and early childhood education, the message is clear that these sectors need our support.

While some organisations may use this to make a profit, it’s about more than that for us. For Catalyst Education, vocational training is about creating a community of practice in which we and our partners in the sector can meet challenges together.

We’ve spent a long time fostering meaningful industry connections based on experience and trust. Our mutually supportive partnerships are just one of the reasons around 80% of learners who weren’t employed before training with us gained employment after graduating from our courses in aged care and early childhood education. This is almost double the sector average.

make a difference

Quality education makes a world of difference

We know that quality education and training can transform lives on more than just an individual scale. Catalyst Education strives to be an engine for positive change, employment outcomes and sustainable practice in the sector, the community and beyond.


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