NCVER survey results show learner satisfaction Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The results are in from the latest survey from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), and Catalyst training organisations continue to deliver training satisfaction and employment outcomes for learners.

Informing and influencing the vocational education and training (VET) space in Australia drives NCVER’s research, and each year learners who have completed studies in the VET sector are invited to take part in their student outcomes survey.

Catalyst’s RTOs Selmar Institute of Education, Royal College of Healthcare and Practical Outcomes were included in the recent survey. All our brands are firm in the belief that education should be human-centred — as such, results such as those from the NCVER survey are important to us. They add to our own feedback processes to ensure that we are always maximising the outcomes for our learners, and providing a rewarding training experience.

Adapting to new ways of learning

As we, along with much of the world, shifted to studying online from the onset of the pandemic, optimising the distance and online learning experiences was of paramount importance. Our approach meant that learners received a dedicated trainer and comprehensive support regardless of their course delivery mode.

With over 91% of learners at Selmar and Practical Outcomes reporting that they were satisfied with the overall quality of their training, our efforts paid off for those enrolled in our courses.

Training to enhance outcomes in employment

Of course, while training experience is important, the outcomes for learners are a priority. Whether it’s upskilling or entering their chosen sector, where your studies take you really matters. For survey respondents who trained with Selmar, combining aged care learners and those completing studies in early childhood education, 90.1% of Selmar learners were employed or enrolled in further study after training with us, with 78.4% of Selmar learners reporting that they improved their employment status after completing their training with us.

Similar outcomes were experienced by respondents who were studying early childhood education sector at Practical Outcomes — 89.6% of Practical Outcomes’ learners were employed or enrolled in further study after training with us and 92.6% of our learners found Practical Outcomes’ training relevant to their job.

Achieving career goals

The aged care learners at Royal College reported meeting their goals too, with 85.8% of Royal College learners achieving their main reason for completing training. With employment — gaining employment or career progression — a key focus area for most learners, 96.4% of Royal College learners were employed or enrolled in further study after training with us, and 91.3% of our learners found Royal College’s training relevant to their job.

Striving for continual improvement and growth

The results of the annual NCVER Survey are promising and tell us that our RTOs are meeting the needs of learners in both the aged care sector and early childhood education and care sector. We also identify that there is room for improvement and look forward to continuing to listen and enhance the way we consider, design and deliver high quality vocational education. Together we can all reach our full potential.

About this report:

Information in the report is presented on Selmar/Practical Outcomes/Royal College qualification completers’ reasons for training, their employment outcomes, further study outcomes and satisfaction with training. The figures are derived from the National Student Outcomes Survey, which is an annual survey of VET students.

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