Scott Morrison’s promises for the the aged care & early childhood education industries Monday, May 20, 2019

With Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Liberal Government returned and with a majority parliament, what does this mean for the aged care and early childhood education and care sector?

Let’s take a look at the Liberal promises across areas like aged care jobs, child care jobs, the child care subsidy and more.

Tax cuts to help small, medium and family businesses grow

The Liberal Government believes that small businesses are Australia’s economic beating heart. To support small, medium and family businesses in employing more people and growing as a business, the Morrison Government plans to lower taxes first and foremost. The corporate tax rate was already lowered from 30 per cent down to 27.5 per cent, with further cuts to 25 per cent but 2021-22.

The instant asset write-off is set to be expanded too, increasing from $25,000 to $30,000 so businesses can invest in themselves with new equipment as needed.

To help businesses grow further, the Morrison Government also plans to expand access to finance and have claimed that they will ensure small business get a fair go by preventing big business from abusing market power.

More jobs

Along with additional support to small business to enable them to create more jobs, the Morrison Government is committed ensuring as many Australians can gain access to employment as possible. A pledge of $525 million over five years in the vocational education and training (VET) sector is intended to better equip Australians with the skills they need to create a career and enjoy long term employment.

World class healthcare

With $448.5 million funding to support GPs under Morrison’s Liberal Government, enhanced health care has been promised. Australians aged 70 and over will have the opportunity to enter an agreement with their GP for more personalised, consistent care. Better access to healthcare will be delivered through phone, email and video calling consultations to get referrals, scripts and test results. This especially benefits those who are not mobile or live in rural areas.

The Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Initiative is set to receive a $201.5 million boost, including funding to treat aged care residents.

A further $185 million is allocated to the Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Research Mission with the goal of enhancing the quality of life of older people, and improving workforce capability and quality of care.

Aged care focus

In the wake of the Aged Care Royal Commission, significant investment is being promised to the aged care industry — $662 million in fact.
According to the Prime Minister’s website, funding is set to support the following areas across the sector:

  • $282.4 million for 10,000 home care packages across all levels
  • A $320 million general subsidy boost in 2018-19 to benefit senior Australians receiving residential aged care services from increased support for aged care providers
  • A $4.2 million mandatory national aged care quality indicator program
  • $7.7 million to enhance the safety, quality and integrity of home care
  • $35.7 million to increase home care supplements for dementia and cognition and veterans
  • A $4.6 million trial of a new residential care funding tool to replace the Aged Care Funding Instrument
  • A new $7.4 million business advisory service for both residential and home care providers to help them improve their operations and share best practice.
Child Care Subsidy to remain in place

The Child Care Subsidy has no proposed changes since its recent revamp, with the Morrison Government happy with the savings and access it has been delivering to families.

Continued funding for four-year old kindergarten

The Liberal Government budget has pledged $453 million for continued funding of four-year old kindergarten, to ensure children can access 15 hours of early childhood education per week prior to starting school.

Our priority: to provide support for the valuable care industries

We are passionate advocates of Governmental support for early childhood education and aged and disability care sectors. No matter what, we will always deliver support to these valuable care industries and their admirable workers that are so vital to our communities.


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